Frequently Asked Questions


What flavors of Mighty Blendz are there?

We debuted with our original Mighty Greens flavor in June 2021 and still have this one hero flavor. Stay tuned for future flavors to come! Send us an email with any flavor requests, you may just select our next one!


Do I need to add anything to my Mighty Blendz?

Other than a liquid source like water or milk, nope! Mighty Blendz is designed to be complete as is wherever you are. 

Should I shake or blend my Mighty Blendz?

This one is entirely up to you! Usually we stick to the mindset of: shake on the go and blend at home. Shaking is the lowest maintenance, but blending can make it a bit frotherier and more decadent especially if you add ice. 

How can I increase the carb / sugar content?

Though we like to keep our carbs & sugar low around here, we understand there are days we want or need a bit more carbs, especially if we’re being super active! You can add anywhere from ¼ to a whole apple or banana to Mighty Blendz to increase carb and natural sugar content. 

How to make my Mighty Blendz thinner? 

We suggest adding at least 8oz of water or your milk of choice to your Mighty Blendz so that all of the powder will thoroughly dissolve, but you can always add more if you want it to be thinner / more diluted.

Can I use juice as my liquid in Mighty Blendz?

We love all kinds of creativity as you make your Blendz, but beware that highly acidic juices (orange, lemon, etc.) can denature proteins like collagen. A little bit won’t hurt, if you’re using Mighty Blendz as a base for 


Is Mighty Blendz Vegan?

Mighty Blendz is not currently vegan as it is made with a collagen protein. If you’re curious about collagen or wondering why we selected it as one of our key ingredients in Mighty Blendz, pop over to our go-to collagen guide


Is Mighty Blendz a meal replacement? 

Yes! Complete with protein, healthy fats, fiber, and leafy greens, Mighty Blendz is designed to keep you full for at least 4+ hours. We will say though that everyone’s body is different & needs different amounts of macronutrients throughout the day. 

Why do I have to go to the bathroom after drinking Mighty Blendz? 

One of the things we love about Mighty Blendz is its high fiber content. Where else can you get 18g or 64% DV of fiber? When paired with MCT, this fiber can certainly get things moving, especially if you are not used to eating a lot of fiber. Any irregular bowel movements or discomfort should go away after consuming Mighty Blendz for around 2 weeks. 

Still have lingering questions about Mighty Blendz? Shoot us an email at