As an athlete, yoga instructor, and top performing student, I’ve come to believe that food should make you feel mighty, not weak, so that you can do what you love best. However, it took me many years of being a busy student running around and looking for convenient food on the go to realize this. Often the convenient food I’d reach for was high in carbohydrates and sugar. About an hour after eating, I’d have an awful blood sugar crash. Like many people do, I sacrificed health when on the go. The irony was that choosing a low quality food actually made me lose time by making me feel tired, crave sugar, and become totally unfocused.
With my background in nutrition, I knew there had to be a better solution. I got a bullet blender in my college dorm room, my own protein powder, and would essentially “shop” for produce at the dining hall salad bar! Let’s just say I got a lot of odd looks from the cafeteria staff when I’d check out with an entree and three sides worth of spinach. I’d bring the ingredients back to my dorm and blend them all together. I took my dorm smoothies everywhere as I could trust that the ingredients would give me the sustenance I needed.
These were not just any smoothie though. I wanted to design a smoothie that balanced blood sugar for stabilized energy and included nutrient-packed superfoods that most people struggle to get in their diet. Each smoothie was optimized for peak performance, brain energy, satiation, and blood sugar balance. Although my smoothies were quick and convenient for me to make in my dorm or at home, I didn't always have a blender...
So I made Mighty Blendz: The smoothie powder solution, that is as healthy and tasty as a homemade smoothie, will keep you full for 4+ hours, and best of all, is instantly dissolvable in water!
With your help, we can make the world a mightier place!
Kayla Vine
Mighty Blendz Founder