Simple, Yet Potent: Behind Our 7 Ingredient Formula

Simple, Yet Potent: Behind Our 7 Ingredient Formula

Since our launch, we have been frequently asked, “only seven ingredients?” 

Our simple, yet potent formula was intentionally made with exactly those two purposes in mind: simple and potent. 

Through my many years of curating my smoothie, especially during my vegan years, I used all the “superfood” proteins. Don’t get me wrong, their marketing is enticing. Who doesn’t want to get hundreds of difficult-to-find superfoods in their body all in one shake? Although packaged foods with “many ingredients” often get a bad rap for their many unhealthy ingredients, these long lists of ingredients often all fall into the “healthy category” (not including gums, preservatives, etc.). 

Growing up with digestive challenges and trying to optimize for gut health, I’d find my stomach hurting after consuming these high-ingredient proteins and superfood shakes. When I’d look to the ingredient label to decipher what might have been causing my stomach irritation, I could not even begin to pinpoint what might be causing the irritation because of the endless ingredients. I constantly wound up with a stomach ache. Even regular vegan proteins fell into the same high-ingredient pitfall by trying to check off every amino acid since most vegan proteins are not complete proteins (complete meaning containing all nine essential amino acids). The individual ingredients of brown rice, pea protein, oats, barley, and many more “superfoods,” weren't inherently bad, but including them in such high varieties left my stomach hurting and my body confused. The long lists of ingredients made it impossible to figure out what might be irritating my stomach. 

During my nutrition training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned about the use of the “elimination diet.” Though it can take many forms, it most often involves cutting dairy, gluten, grains, fish, shellfish, nightshades, citrus, legumes (including soy), peanuts, tree nuts, corn, non-organic beef, refined sugar, corn syrup, artificial colors, and flavors out of the diet in order to identify any underlying food intolerances or allergies one may have. [1] An elimination diet aims to calm the gut and immune system for a period of time in order to (hopefully) reintroduce the irritating food without any sensitivity reaction. As I considered these ingredient-loaded superfood shakes and protein powders along side the gut-health science I was learning in my nutrition program and my own personal digestive challenges, I had the realization that perhaps it’s not the best for our bodies to constantly be bombarded with high-ingredient foods (especially if a lot of them are new to us and could produce an immune response & symptoms.) 

With this in mind, I wanted to create a solution that provided clean superfood-dense fuel, but that was simple and it was clear what “superfoods” or “micronutrients” were there for a specific purpose, rather than hundreds of superfoods for the sake of consuming “many superfoods.”

This simplicity principle of Mighty Blendz applies not only in the case of someone with digestive or food sensitivity issues like myself, but also for anyone who wants to ensure the ingredients they’re consuming are having the intended impact on their health, which leads me into the second principle of Mighty Blendz’s formulation: potency. 

The superfood shakes with 30+ “superfoods” also raise the question of effectiveness. For the same reason I recently ditched my multivitamin, I realized the superfood shakes with endless ingredients didn’t actually provide a functional dose of each superfood to have their intended effect. This completely defeats the point of including a particular superfood, adaptogen, or micro-nutrient containing fruits or vegetables. Instead of including every superfood on earth in non-functional doses, I set out to create something simple, yet potent, where each ingredient included had a high enough amount to provide the beneficial effects to brains and bodies. 

The goal of Mighty Blendz’s formulas is twofold: Simple and Potent. We focus on seven ingredients, each with functional benefits. Our collagen, MCT oil, spinach, kale, monk fruit, acacia, and hemp contain clear functional purposes in doses that make a real impact, rather than just good marketing.


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