Take it From Our Superfans

"I've been looking for a meal replacement that will enable me to keep up my high energy, meet my protein goals, and take zero time from my busy mornings.  Mighty Blendz is exactly that!  I feel satisfied and nourished, all without a blender, down time, or mess!  Two thumbs up!"

Olympia A

"I also enjoy the flexibility of mixing with water for convenience, almond milk, or my favorite--just regular milk!  I have used it as my breakfast in the morning, post-work-out, I can just put it in the shaker bottle and it is ready to drink on my way to work or while I am in a meeting.  It really couldn't be easier!"

Jennifer A

"Mighty Blendz gives me the confidence that I’m getting the key nutrients and superfoods I need with little thought and incredible ease of preparation. It removes the food drama so I can focus on moving the needle in my business.”

Ray V

But... How does it taste?!

"What I like most about Mighty Blendz is the fresh green taste.  Even though it is a powder, it tastes like I have put my own vegetables in the blender."

Jennifer A

“Greens-forward, smooth, creamy, delicious and not too sweet.”

Anne V

"Mighty Blendz is uniquely different. No chalky, powdery, herby or medicinal taste! I've never seen a product reconstitute so well with only water."

Stryker W